ISAF Joint Command: “No civilians were injured or killed during this operation” 

–  ‘Numerous insurgents killed and weapons recovered’, news release 2010-08-CA-266, 23 August 2010, Kabul, Afghanistan. 


New Zealand Defence Force: “Following the operation allegations of civilian casualties were made. These were investigated by a joint Afghan Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and International Security Assistance Force assessment team, in accordance with ISAF procedures. The investigation concluded that the allegations of civilian casualties were unfounded” 

– ‘NZ Defence Force operations in Bamiyan on 22 August 2010’, media release, 20 April 2011.


Defence minister Wayne Mapp: “That’s been investigated and proven to be false.... I am satisfied around that” 

– Wayne Mapp asked about civilian casualties, Q+A, Television New Zealand, 24 April 2011.


John Key: “My understanding is that after a thorough review of the CDF [Chief of Defence Force] at the weekend, he is very confident that the New Zealand Defence Force version of events is correct.... They say there were insurgents that were killed, but that was it” 

– John Key on TV3 Firstline, 1 July 2014.


The New Zealand Defence Force: “The NZDF stands by its statement made on 20 April 2011 [above] and will not be making further comment.”

– New Zealand Defence Force, statement to Maori Television Service, 30 June 2014.


Defence minister Jonathan Coleman: “What I would emphasise is New Zealanders were not involved – and that’s categorical – in any civilian casualties or deaths” 

– Jonathan Coleman in Stacey Kirk, ‘Categorical: ‘NZ troops did not kill civilians’, Stuff, 1 July 2014.


Defence minister Jonathan Coleman asked by reporters if coalition forces had killed civilians during the raid: “There is no evidence that they did.” 

– Jonathan Coleman, New Zealand Herald, 1 July 2014.


John Key: “We don’t discuss the detail of SAS operations, but what we do say categorically is that no New Zealand soldier was involved in killing civilians” 

– John Key in Ripeka Timutimu, ‘Key denies SAS involvement in civilian deaths in Afghanistan’, Maori Television Service, 1 July 2014.