Statement from Jon Stephenson

Hit and Run co-author Jon Stephenson has put out the following statement in response to the Government's plan to investigate Operation Burnham:

"I am encouraged by the prime minister’s promise to look into the allegations that civilians were killed and wounded in the 2010 SAS-led raid known as Operation Burnham. 

However, it is essential that any inquiry that is ordered be conducted by an independent authority and not by the New Zealand Defence Force. It is also important that any inquiry be adequately resourced and that its terms of reference enable a credible and thorough investigation.

Several of my sources, who were involved in Operation Burnham and subsequent events, have confirmed that they are prepared to give evidence on oath at any such inquiry. They are confident that an independent and impartial investigation will substantiate the claims of civilian deaths and injuries.

I am also confident that an independent and impartial inquiry will confirm that a New Zealand SAS trooper physically abused a blindfolded and flexi-tied detainee, that this detainee was then transferred to known torturers who proceeded to torture him, and that the NZDF knew about this and covered it up."