Credit for all photos should be listed as Jon Stephenson.

‘Although Fatima was only three years old she was already attending school,’ a local said. ‘She was very beautiful and intelligent. She was in her mother’s arms when a piece of shrapnel hit her head.’

Islamuddin had recently finished a degree in education in the city and was home visiting his farming family. ‘His father told me that Islamuddin hoped to become the headmaster of a school so he could help the people in his area,’ a local said. Villagers said he was killed by three bullets as he climbed the hill behind his parents’ house.

Fatima's house (central house in picture), which was badly damaged at the same time she was killed. Fatima had been carried a short distance behind and to the left of the house before she was killed in her mother's arms.

Empty shell casings were scattered throughout the villages, each stamped ‘30MM HEDP M789’: Apache helicopter high explosive cannon rounds. 

Naik village in summer. The valley to Khak Khuday Dad begins behind the rocky ridge on the left. The L-shaped house in the foreground was Naimatullah’s father’s. The long house in the centre of the picture was Abdullah Kalta’s. Their families have rebuilt the houses.

Abdul Faqir's destroyed house (he is the farmer who lay injured without help for nine hours with a piece of rocket lodged in his body before he died)